Blog #86: Must Have Gluten-Free Savory Oats (Vegan Recipe)

    Typically, when you think of oats you think of it in a 'sweet' way.  Whether it be oatmeal at breakfast, granola for a snack or on a yogurt parfait, that's the way people usually have it. I'd heard about savory oats quite a while ago, but never actually had it until a few... Continue Reading →

Blog #29: Fermented Vegan Protein Powder

This vegan protein is decent tasting.  Not terrible at all.  It's a bit lighter tasting, and less dense.  And a less overpowering taste too.  I say it like that because I'm not a fan of a similar vegan protein, Vega brand (really popular brand) because it tastes heavy and overpowers the taste of your smoothie.... Continue Reading →

Blog #25: Plant-Based Protein Sources

🌿 PLANT-BASED PROTEIN SOURCES  🌿 This chart is short and to the point. I find it super helpful.  It shows many of the plant protein sources available for you to select from.  Pick the ones best for you. I consume all the protein sources on this chart minus the hemp and pumpkin seeds (because often they are cross... Continue Reading →

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