Blog #46: Scrumptious Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds (**Gluten-free, Vegan, Allergy Friendly & Kosher**)

  Some nuts are awesome as snacks or as part of meals, but I can't eat any of them 🥜 ☹️ 🥜!  I have had severe allergies to all tree nuts and peanuts since childhood.  Eating it will cause my throat and tongue to swell, my saliva will thicken, it becomes difficult to swallow, my... Continue Reading →

Blog #30: Easy Homemade Herb Salad Dressing

✨✨ Salad dressing inspiration:  ✨✨ The other day I craved lettuce salad.  So, I bought a premade lettuce salad and an individual serving packet of salad dressing.  I don't buy salad dressing often due to my dietary restrictions and food allergies.  My favorite salad dressing is the Italian dressing. The store ran out of the... Continue Reading →

Blog #26: Food Allergy Awareness Month (May!)

  It's May and it is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada! Food is a MASSIVE part of everybody's life, families, cultures, celebrations and customs. Food allergies affect millions of people worldwide: 🔹2.5 million Canadians​, 🔹15 million Americans and 🔹17 million Europeans, to name a few. I am one of those people living with food... Continue Reading →

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