Simply Chrissy Podcast Episode 6: 4 Tips For Choosing Quality Matcha Powder

Episode Description: Matcha is everywhere!   Matcha ice cream, matcha cake, matcha tea, matcha smoothies, matcha frappuccinos, matcha t-shirts (just kidding!).....matcha everything!  But when you are grocery shopping, how do you know what to look for in quality matcha powder? Listen as Chrissy tells you 4 tips to help you shop more easily for your... Continue Reading →

Blog #8: Fancy Flaxy Flaxseeds

Everyone knows that ground flaxseeds are the jam, and it's not only because it keeps your poop on point 😂 😄👌🙊💩 Whole flaxseeds are awesome too, but your body doesn't digest whole seeds, so you end up pooping them out whole. (**Don't listen to me, just look at your poop! 😎 💩**).  Flaxseeds are full... Continue Reading →

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