Blog #15: Homemade Quinoa Oats Hot Cereal (Free of gluten, dairy, soy and any type of nut)

Here's a great simple cereal for ya!✌ If you have removed the following allergens from your diet: Soy, gluten, dairy, corn, nuts/tree nuts and you're seeking a new brekky option with vegetarian/vegan protein, give this homemade hot cereal a go! This cereal was created in my quest to find more breakfast solutions for myself.  Hopefully,... Continue Reading →

Blog #9: Gluten-Free Oats

  👉 GLUTEN 👈  Are you highly sensitive or intolerant to it? Do you have Celiac's?  Here's some gluten-free oats for you to consider trying.  I myself am highly gluten sensitive. My body doesn't like it at alllllllll - but my taste buds sure do!! 😭☹️😂😲😖😭 and although many foods containing gluten are abbbbsolutely delicious... Continue Reading →

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