Simply Chrissy Podcast: Episode 32 Episode Description: There are many questions that arise when you change what you eat. When you transition your diet from a traditional meat based diet to a plant-based or a vegan diet, for example, you don't know exactly what to eat. You don't know what brands to look out for to replace your dairy... Continue Reading →

Simply Chrissy Podcast: Episode 27 Episode Description: In this episode, Chrissy talks about some of the best vegan and plant-based nail polishes she's tried so far and gives you details about those products. You will enjoy this episode especially if you love all things 'beauty' and doing your own manicures, pedicures or even just painting your nails! Remember to Rate, Follow and Share this... Continue Reading →

Simply Chrissy Podcast: Episode 19 Episode Description: In this episode, Chrissy features a black-owned business named Fresh Vegan Flavours (Caribbean food) and reviews 2 of their delicious products! If you like food that tastes fantastic - this episode is for you! Remember to Rate, Follow and Share this podcast episode because it helps other people to discover it and be helped by the info... Continue Reading →

Blog #90: Vegan French Vanilla Coffee

Dark roast, medium roast and blonde roast. From fancy lattes, cappuccinos, Frappuccinos, drip coffee to Americanos, people spend thousands of dollars per year buying coffee at their favorite coffee shops or restaurants. The problem is when you buy your coffee outside you have very little control over the ingredients and you don't know what's really being... Continue Reading →


HAPPY NEW YEAR Beautiful People! 🙂 I hope you all had a stellar Christmas & holiday season with lots of family, food and friends! 🙂 Massive THANK YOU to all of you who have been following Simply Chrissy Blog & Simply Chrissy Podcast (Click HERE for Podcast)!   New tingz are on the horizon this... Continue Reading →

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