Blog #54: Vegan Egg! Your Breakfast Just Got Better

When I used to eat eggs I really enjoyed them scrambled, soft boiled and sometimes fried. Since removing animal products from my diet, and soy products, I really do miss eggs sometimes.  Especially if I want to make a fancy breakfast with pancakes/waffles (GF + vegan) and 'eggs'.  Tofu eggs are no longer an option... Continue Reading →

Blog #44: The Power of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal, not the stuff from your BBQ or camp fire. This is the medical grade stuff usually sourced from coconut shells. This has been used in hospitals for decades to treat alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses.  It was even used in ancient Egypt 🇪🇬. Basically, how it works is: Toxins in your body... Continue Reading →

Blog #37: Zesty Aromatic Essential Oils

Essential oils are fantastic!  They are definitely a part of nature's medicine cabinet and some oils really pack a punch! 🥊🥊🥊 Not all brands are created equal, however. Definitely do a little research if you are looking to get into essential oils because increasing knowledge will help you navigate the oils more smoothly. Every essential... Continue Reading →

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