Blog #100: 5 Non-Pharmaceutical Topical Treatments to Calm Your Eczema

Photo by Santiago Manuel De la Colina on For those of you who are struggling and suffering with more severe eczema, it can be a debilitating nightmare. It can be seemingly impossible to control. Western medicine and doctors are not very helpful at all (based on my experience). They enjoy throwing prescriptions at patients... Continue Reading →

Blog #73: The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi Everyone! šŸ˜€ I hope you're all doing well and are feeling great!Ā  Yesterday I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Anita from her blogĀ Discovering Your HappinessĀ šŸŽ‰ -- thank you Anita very much for thinking of me and including me amongst your list of awesome nominees!Ā  If you haven't already checked... Continue Reading →

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