Simply Chrissy Podcast: Episode 31 Episode Description: There's a lot of plant-based protein powders that taste terrible. Why torture yourself and your taste buds trying to find good tasting (and good quality) plant-based protein powders via trial and error? Let me make your life easier! This episode serves up one of the plant-based protein powders I love and use... Continue Reading →

Simply Chrissy Podcast: Episode 11 Episode Description: In this episode, I talk about my experience doing intermittent fasting for 10 days straight. Please note that I like intermittent fasting for its health benefits such as resting your digestive system for a period of time. Check out this episode for more deets! Remember to Rate, Follow and Share this podcast episode because it helps other... Continue Reading →

Blog #90: Vegan French Vanilla Coffee

Dark roast, medium roast and blonde roast. From fancy lattes, cappuccinos, Frappuccinos, drip coffee to Americanos, people spend thousands of dollars per year buying coffee at their favorite coffee shops or restaurants. The problem is when you buy your coffee outside you have very little control over the ingredients and you don't know what's really being... Continue Reading →

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