Blog #86: Must Have Gluten-Free Savory Oats (Vegan Recipe)

    Typically, when you think of oats you think of it in a 'sweet' way.  Whether it be oatmeal at breakfast, granola for a snack or on a yogurt parfait, that's the way people usually have it. I'd heard about savory oats quite a while ago, but never actually had it until a few... Continue Reading →

Blog #51: Gluten-free, Vegan Pancake Heaven

I love pancakes! 🥞 😍  I really do.  Don't you?  You can eat them any time of day and they usually taste so good!  BUT, when gluten is a strong enough health issue and you must sustain a gluten-free diet, your food options dramatically decrease.  Great tasting gluten-free (and vegan) pancakes end up on your plate only... Continue Reading →

Blog #35: Flax Egg Replacement Recipe

🥄🥄  Flax 'Egg' Replacement  🥄🥄 Here's an easy egg replacement recipe for any egg-free or vegan baking you may be doing. To get the equivalent of 1 egg: -- >> Mix 1 TBSP ground flax seeds with 3 TBSP hot water (you can use room temperature water too, but the hot water makes the flax turn... Continue Reading →

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