Simply Chrissy Podcast: Episode 16 Episode Description: In this episode, Chrissy talks about her experience during her 2nd time doing intermittent fasting - but this time it's only for 4 days (the first time she did it was for 10 days which you can hear about in episode 11 of the Simply Chrissy Podcast). Please note: Chrissy likes and... Continue Reading →

Simply Chrissy Podcast: Episode 11 Episode Description: In this episode, I talk about my experience doing intermittent fasting for 10 days straight. Please note that I like intermittent fasting for its health benefits such as resting your digestive system for a period of time. Check out this episode for more deets! Remember to Rate, Follow and Share this podcast episode because it helps other... Continue Reading →

Blog #29: Fermented Vegan Protein Powder

This vegan protein is decent tasting.  Not terrible at all.  It's a bit lighter tasting, and less dense.  And a less overpowering taste too.  I say it like that because I'm not a fan of a similar vegan protein, Vega brand (really popular brand) because it tastes heavy and overpowers the taste of your smoothie.... Continue Reading →

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