Blog #4: Eczema Blog Part 1: My Story, My Journey

  I have suffered with severe, painful, volatile, life-disturbing chronic eczema for over 25 years.  Eczema effects over 5 million Canadians and 40 million Americans, and it continues to increase.  I started getting rashes on and off as a baby, and would get taken to the doctor when the rashes would arise to ensure it... Continue Reading →

Blog #2: I Love Coconut Water!

I started drinking coconut water pretty regularly last year, I think approximately around February or March 2016. I switched to coconut water as a healthier alternative to fruit juice.  Although, before I'd pick the 'heathier' fruit juices to drink (**apple juice was my FAVOURITE 🍎🍏😍😍 because it's simple and the best brands usually have just... Continue Reading →

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