Blog #45: Milk & Honey Body Butter by Seacret (Beauty, Skin Health + Eczema Relief)

I discovered this product last summer.  It's made by a company named Seacret.  They manufacture products containing Dead Sea salt.   The Dead Sea has a very high mineral content, including 12 minerals only found in the Dead Sea, hence the augmented healing properties of their product line. The Milk and Honey body butter is... Continue Reading →

Blog #37: Zesty Aromatic Essential Oils

Essential oils are fantastic!  They are definitely a part of nature's medicine cabinet and some oils really pack a punch! 🥊🥊🥊 Not all brands are created equal, however. Definitely do a little research if you are looking to get into essential oils because increasing knowledge will help you navigate the oils more smoothly. Every essential... Continue Reading →

Blog #22: FreeYumm Cookies (Food Allergy Safe)

Parents, kids, adults, teenagers, friends and families: This is a great option now available to you if you are affected by food allergies. Millions of people across the world have food allergies, and many people don't know they themselves have any. Depending on the level of allergy severity, finding safe food alternatives is challenging. And... Continue Reading →

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