Blog #28: Probiotic Importance – Health Begins and Ends in Your Gut!

  You are only as healthy as your gut. Health begins and ends in your gut. Think of it like your body's central plumbing and nutritional distribution centre.  If your body cannot properly ingest, assimilate and eliminate the foods you eat, you are screwed.  A healthy gut is vital to human health. Many health ailments... Continue Reading →

Blog #27: Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera is always the best. Aloe vera has numerous multi-purpose medicinal uses: Use it on your hair and skin, use it internally to cleanse and improve your digestive health 🌿. If you cannot get fresh aloe vera, Lily of the Desert is my #1 choice for an aloe vera gel product.  It's high... Continue Reading →

Blog #26: Food Allergy Awareness Month (May!)

  It's May and it is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada! Food is a MASSIVE part of everybody's life, families, cultures, celebrations and customs. Food allergies affect millions of people worldwide: 🔹2.5 million Canadians​, 🔹15 million Americans and 🔹17 million Europeans, to name a few. I am one of those people living with food... Continue Reading →

Blog #6: Salt Lamp Lovin!

So, I'd been eyeing up salt lamps for the longest time, probably, at least a year or more. I like them because I thought they'd benefit my health (I have allergies to dust, pet pair, and other environmental elements) and I think they're naturally beautiful, especially when they're lit.  I also noticed that the large... Continue Reading →

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