Hey Everyone!

I’m Christina, but you can call me Chrissy.  I’m a Caribbean-Canadian natural health enthusiast and dancer with severe chronic eczema.  I have suffered with it for over 20 years.  Many times it’s gotten so severe and widespread that it’s been physically debilitating. It impacted my entire life.

I have learned a lot about natural approaches to health via my own research and through lifestyle changes I’ve was forced to make in my life in order to even function. My original doctors, dermatologists and kin specialist weren’t helpful. The first thing they try to do is push prescriptions on you.

The problem is that prescriptions don’t solve eczema! And, unfortunately for the millions of people worldwide who suffer with more severe cases of eczema (atopic dermatitis) naively accept their doctor’s suggestion for topical steroids which ruin your skin forever!

This is the reason behind my blog.

I want to positively impact the lives of as many people around the world as possible and I hope you leave this blog (and my podcast Simply Chrissy Podcast: https://anchor.fm/simply-chrissy ) with some golden nuggets that really help you.

Love, Peace & Plants,

– Chrissy

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