Hey Everyone!

I’m Christina, but you can call me Chrissy.  I’m a natural health enthusiast. I love fitness, dancing and live a healthy lifestyle. Over many years, I transitioned what I ate to be plant based and vegan (long before it became a trend in recent years) to manage and calm my eczema after having no luck with dermatologists and skin specialists.

I have struggled with eczema since childhood and I have had it for most of my life. I ended up learning a lot about natural approaches to health via my own research due to lifestyle changes I had to make for the sake of my health and improving my quality of life because prescriptions don’t solve eczema.

I have plenty of knowledge to share with you about plant based and vegan food, clean beauty products, navigating food allergies, managing eczema naturally and more!

I hope you leave this blog (and my podcast Simply Chrissy Podcast: https://anchor.fm/simply-chrissy ) with some golden nuggets that really help you.

Love, Peace & Plants,

– Chrissy

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