Blog #97: The Best Women’s Fragrance for Everyday

Fragrance: ‘Vanilla Woods’ Eau de Parfum (women’s fragrance). Photo by: Christina Hale.

7 Virtues’ Vanilla Woods perfume is my new favorite fragrance for everyday use. Period. It smells absolutely divine! It is smooth, warm, soft and delicious! This fragrance will have you smelling yourself all day long! It’s the best women’s fragrance for everyday.

You can easily wear Vanilla Woods while working from home, running errands and even to a fancy occasion (after Covid-19 is gone of course).

I just discovered this brand earlier this year in February 2021 while watching a YouTube influencer’s video on their Tik tok account.

Once the Tik Tok video described the fragrance as ‘vanilla’, ‘notes of pear’ and ‘warm’, I figured I’d give it a try because I was looking for new fragrances. I popped on to the Sephora website, found the perfume and ordered it.

I kept my expectations low because I knew I’d ordered a fragrance I never smelled before. BUT, when the perfume arrived and I smelled it….guys……it blew my socks off!

After falling in love with this fragrance, I wanted to know more about the product and company.

Here’s some awesome info to know about 7 Virtues products and company:

  • 7 Virtues started in 2010 by Barb Stegemann (Woman Boss!!)
  • All their fragrances are clean (chemical-free), vegan and cruelty-free
  • They source fair trade, natural, organic essential oils to support farmers rebuilding after war or strife
  • A wide range of fragrances are available
  • Made without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde and UV inhibitors
  • Ingredients are sourced from different countries such as Afghanistan, Haiti, Rwanda, Madagascar, India, Egypt and the Middle East region

I really like and appreciate this company’s global consciousness.

You can check out the perfume (and their other fragrances too) at Sephora and on the 7 virtues website:!

I hope you discovered a new perfume to check out! If you’re already a 7 Virtues fan, let me know what your favorite fragrance is and if you’ve already tried this one!

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