Blog #92: Interview with Professional Model & Yoga Instructor Frances Brower

Fran 7


Frances Brower is a blossoming professional model and Yoga instructor based in Los Angeles, California. She has done modeling campaigns for huge brands such as Nike, Lululemon and New Balance, to name a few. She’s also a Yoga teacher and fitness instructor teaching classes that are super challenging and will push you to your limits.

I had the opportunity to ask Frances a few questions about her modeling and fitness journey thus far and thankfully she made some time in her schedule drop some gems and answer the questions.

Thank you Frances & enjoy the interview y’all! 



Simply Chrissy: When & why did you get into fitness?

Frances: Fitness started back for me 25 years ago. I was a competitive gymnast from 2- 12. Quite frankly my mom needed to find an activity to get rid of all my excess energy! After I quit gymnastics, I played every sport offered to me through high school sports:  Soccer, tennis, track, diving, volleyball, basketball and all the way into college intramurals. After I got certified as a yoga instructor post college, I started taking loads more fitness classes and realized my love for fitness in a new capacity through weight training, running, and all things high intensity. 

Simply Chrissy: How did you become interested in modeling?

Frances: I remember obsessing over America’s Next Top Model and watching every episode religiously! I always loved the idea of being on set with fun creative photoshoots and artistic people, but never thought I had what it would take to live that life. I was working in retail at lululemon and a customer came in and asked “have you ever thought about being a fitness model? You should be modeling the clothes, not selling them in a store!” That happened on a Thursday, I “Googled” fitness modeling online and applied to the first agency I saw, and I was signed by the next day to the agency I am still with today as a full time model. 

Fran 2

Simply Chrissy: What sparked your interest in yoga? 

Frances: I started taking yoga classes in college, and knew I had to become a teacher after a savasana that brought me clarity and peace in my mind more than ever before. I was so determined and excited to share this with so many of my friends and family. 

Simply Chrissy: What have been your favorite modeling campaigns so far?

Frances: My favorite campaigns have EVERYTHING to do with who i work with and how we work together to create amazing energy on set. That being said, both of my New Balance campaigns, my multiple Nike global brand studio campaigns, and my lululemon campaigns have been my absolute favorite! The best people ever to be around! 

Simply Chrissy: What are your top 5 go-to exercises when you’re short on time?

Frances: If you’re looking for a quick heart rate booster from home: burpees, jump squats, resistance band walks, alternating jumping lunges and mountain climbers

Simply Chrissy: What made you adopt a plant-based diet?

Frances: I’ve had stomach problems my entire life and never knew why. At 22, I took a food intolerance test revealing i was highly intolerant to meat proteins. I eliminated these immediately and my mind, body, spirit has never felt better. 

“Do not change who you really are for the industry. Do the work to know yourself, know what you’re best in the world at, and work with your strengths to highlight them. If you know who you are, the industry can’t knock you down: no one can.”

– Frances B.


Fran 3
Frances in a Lululemon campaign.

Simply Chrissy: What are your favorite plant-based foods?

Frances: Vegan chili, Banza pasta + brussel sprouts, Rice bowls with jackfruit 

Simply Chrissy: What are 2 of the biggest unexpected lessons you have learned on the path to following your dreams?

Lesson 1: Be willing to let go of something or someone that could be unknowingly holding you back 

Lesson 2: Achieving your dreams is not linear. Sometimes you go backwards, sometimes to the side, or a full circle. Even once I’ve “reached” one dream, I have many more and am always on the journey to them. Yes I am living my dream life, but my dreams are always out in front of me and having the attitude of “I am constantly learning, growing, and changing” is the best attitude you can have. For when those road blocks, setbacks, reroutes happen, you’ll be ready to welcome them and accept where you are with grace. 

Fran 4

Simply Chrissy: What advice & tips do you have for up and coming models?

Frances: Do not change who you really are for the industry. Do the work to know yourself, know what you’re best in the world at, and work with your strengths to highlight them. If you know who you are, the industry can’t knock you down: no one can. 

Simply Chrissy: How often do you workout & what are your favorite muscle groups to work (or your favorite type of workout)?

Frances: Workouts vary as much as I can, I love confusing the muscles and switching it up. But I try to workout 4-5 times a week, that’s when I feel my best. I try to mix in 2-3 runs a week, 2-3 weight training sessions, and 2-3 yoga/pilates reformer classes in a week!   My favorite muscle groups are legs and bunz! Can’t. get. enough. If your legs are strong they will carry you SO far. Your core will be stronger because of them, and result in a healthier more stable back. 

“Achieving your dreams is not linear. Sometimes you go backwards, sometimes to the side, or a full circle. Even once I’ve “reached” one dream, I have many more and am always on the journey to them.”

-Frances B.

Fran 6
Frances in a Nike campaign.

Simply Chrissy: What made you follow your dreams?

I don’t think there was any one event that “made” me follow my dreams. My parents owned their own business, and have always shown me flexibility in their lifestyle, so I think that was just engrained in me to be my own boss. I am also a wild-freak of a free spirit, so it wasn’t anyone telling me to do something, it was always entirely up to me to put in the work, and make it happen. No one else. 

Simply Chrissy: What are your favorite junk foods?

Frances: Not sure if I eat any “junk food”. But definitely indulge in some vegan pizza and impossible burgers. In terms of foods that really give you no nutritional benefit but lots of enjoyment , I love vegan ice cream and vegan cookies of all sorts!

Simply Chrissy: Do you have any outdoor fitness activities you enjoy?

Frances: I literally enjoy them all. Hiking, biking, swimming, beach days (everyday), surfing, learning to skateboard, camping, snow skiing, jet-skies, sailing, and water skiing, fishing, stand up paddle boarding (even SUP YOGA!)  I do it all! 

Simply Chrissy: How do you motivate yourself to workout on days you’re not in the mood?

Frances: I first ask myself why I really don’t want to workout. It could simply be a sign that I don’t need to/ or should take a more restorative approach to my exercise, like yoga. If it is none of these things and I just need to get it done, I remind myself how much better I will feel afterwards! Works like a charm. 

Fran 1

Simply Chrissy: What are the classes you teach and where can people find them?

Frances: I currently teach at Equinox all over the west side of Los Angeles. I occasionally take on private clients, and offer group beach workouts as well. You’ll find me teaching 1-2 virtual classes via Instagram or zoom, and I post workouts (generally) daily on my Instagram. 

Simply Chrissy: Will you be coming to Canada for any fitness events?

Frances: Currently, I have no plans to be in Canada given the unique circumstances of Covid-19. But plan to visit within the year to visit loved ones and maybe could set up a fitness event/ yoga class! To Be Determined! 



I hope you all enjoyed the interview with Frances and gleaned a few gems from what she shared with us.

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Leave a comments below for Frances! Do you have any other questions for her about fitness, yoga or modeling? Let us know!

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Until next time….

Love & Light,

– Chrissy



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