Blog 87 #: Interview with Generation Green & Acorn Café Owner Sherry Sobey

The friendly, lovely & stylish Sherry Sobey.

Sherry Sobey is helping the world to live healthier, one person at a time. She opened her health food store, Generation Green, just over 6 years ago during September 2012, located in Winnipeg, Canada.

Her goal was to provide customers with healthier, chemical free, reusable options when it came to skincare, personal hygiene products, kitchen utensils, laundry and cleaning products, makeup, snacks, baby products and much more (she has a lot in-store)!

Health isn’t just about what you put inside your body. It’s also about what you put around your body and on your body.

Between Generation Green and the recent addition of the Acorn Café, she has been able to connect those dots and help point her customers to a better way of living.

I got the opportunity to ask Sherry a few questions despite her busy schedule.

Without further ado, here is the interview!



Simply Chrissy: What inspired you to open your health food store?

Sherry: It actually all began when I had a health scare & decided to make some changes with my lifestyle and started looking at ingredients.  After much frustration of not being able to find clean ingredient products (and some anger at what my options were with this new found knowledge) I attempted to make my own but really didn’t enjoy this and went searching instead for local makers that could make quality products ad thus the snowball started rolling!


The view from around the front doors of Generation Green.


Simply Chrissy: How have you gained more respect & gratitude for your health as a result of your health scare?


Sherry: Oh totally! When we lose our health, for any reason (think having the flu) we can’t enjoy anything! I couldn’t enjoy my children or any of the simple things we take for granted like sheesh, I couldn’t even comb my hair!


Simply Chrissy: What are 3 valuable lessons you have learned thus far on your entrepreneurial journey?


-Surround yourself with great people & treat them well! I’m talking your staff!

-Deligate & trust it will get done

-Do what you love and are passionate about and you will never feel like you’re working!


Simply Chrissy: What are some products in your store you would recommend people try?


Pure Anada products.
  • Pure Anada Cosmetics – all I have used for the past 6 years! Local, organic, can stand up to conventional products, and a company built on ethics!  Only 5% of cosmetic companies actually manufacture their own products and are allowed to have “trade secrets” so they don’t have to fully disclose what they put in there!!!!


The refill station at Generation Green has got you covered!
  • Our refill products!! Stop trashing those perfectly good bottles or buy a nice glass or stainless steel bottle that will last forever and bring that in!  Less trash = happy planet 😊


“When we lose our health, for any reason (think having the flu) we can’t enjoy anything!”


Acorn Cafe barista extraodinaire, Bryanne.


Simply Chrissy: In your store you have added the Acorn Cafe.  What inspired you to add a cafe to your business and what makes your menu special from other ones?


Sherry: We are loving our Acorn Café! This was the last part of my prevention lifestyle changes (we had the “what you put on your body”, “what you put around your body” & now we were working on the “what you put in your body”) Our café is all vegan, which makes us unique to begin with, but then we also source as many local ingredients locally, shop organic & we have the best vegan cheese maker (Celine from Vegan Fromagerie) working for us!!

“Do what you love and are passionate about and you will never feel like you’re working!”


Acorn Cafe!

Simply Chrissy: Do you have any upcoming events, contests or giveaways we should be looking out for?


Sherry: We have some great workshops coming up next month in January!  We have a Wolseley Kombucha workshop on the 27th and another workshop called From Soil to Soul. We are also launching a new passion project called “Generation Green’s Wildflower Project”, so stay tuned!  If folks sign up on our website they will be able to stay in the loop as we post everything there as well as on a monthly newsletter and of course our social media.

Check out our website here:


Simply Chrissy: Where can people find your store on social media?


Sherry: We love Instagram & showing off all our fabulous products & Acorn goodies! Our IG accounts are: @generationgreenwpg and @acorncafewpg and they can also find us on Facebook.


Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed this interview with Sherry and I hope you check out her website, store and social media! Tell her Chrissy sent you! 🙂  She offers a really great selection of products for you to shop and the Acorn Café has some pretty tasty menu offerings.  If you have any particular question(s) you’d like to ask Sherry about any products she carries, feel free to contact her via her website or via her store’s social media.

Leave a comment below! What did you think of this interview? Did you find it valuable? Have you heard of Generation Green before? What’s your favorite health food store(s) you shop at?

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Have a Happy Holiday & a Merry Christmas with your family and friends! 🎅🦌⛄🎄❤️😄

Love & Light,




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