Blog #85: Invest In YOURSELF First!

Invest In Yourself First Podcast EP

You cannot give to another what you don’t already have for yourself.  It’s your job to find yourself — nobody can do that for you.

And if your life is a projection of your inner state of being, then working on yourself from the inside out is a sage path to take.

“If you want to change the fruit, you first have to change the root.”  This is the hard work that brings permanent change, self-betterment and self-evolution.

Let’s look at a few areas for potential work and self-growth:



  • Knowledge:  Keep increasing your knowledge daily!  Your brain is a muscle, so work it out!  Find the learning method that fits you most!  Do you naturally learn by reading, audio or videos?  Maybe you’re a mixed learner like me.  Whatever the case may be – do what’s best for you in order to get new information in your brain.  Always upgrade your brain, not your profile photo.  Also, keep trash out of your mind as much as possible.  Just like weeds and trash can spread in your yard if it’s not monitored, the same thing will happen is your mind with ease.  Fill your mind with the good, leave the bad out.


  • Mental Health: Watch your stress levels.  If you get anxiety, keep an eye on that too.  Keep positive as much as possible.  Everyday isn’t the same and life isn’t easy, but having a negative mindset will take you down a dark hole you may not be able to climb out of.  Try to strike a good work/life balance.  If you hate your job and it’s wasting your life, God given talents and is rotting your spirit – start looking for your exit strategy and entrance into a new beginning.  Also, audit the people around you (not everyone is good for you — remove frenemies and negative relationships).  Lastly, eat a clean plant-based, whole food diet.  The chemicals and drugs in a lot of widely available foods that lack nutrients is doing more harm to your mind and body than you realize.



  • Get enough sleep!  Sleep is underrated and super important.  Find physical activities you like doing and do them at least 3 times weekly.  Find the strength and cardio exercises you prefer and start there.  Again, be aware of the foods you eat — you will never outwork an poor diet!  Regular workouts are good for you mental health, focus and ability to learn.



  • Tap into yourself.  Tap into your spirit.  Tap into a higher power.  Work on healing your wounds, nobody can do that for you.  Work on forgiving anyone who hurt you and also work on forgiving yourself.



  • Find out what makes you happy and what lights your soul on fire.  Find out what makes you unhappy too.  Find your independence and stand strong on your own — even if it takes time, especially if you’re a woman.  Find out what your dreams are and follow them.




  • Cleanse your life of relationships that no longer serve you & your desired evolution (friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend who don add value to your life). Sometimes being alone is required as you regroup and redirect yourself.  Then as you travel down your new path, you will meet and make new friends and meet a better suited boyfriend/girlfriend.



  • Educate yourself about how to manage your money.  It’s the most important math you’ll encounter on an almost daily basis.  Become financially literate.  Learn about investing in stocks, bonds, precious metals, crypto currency, real estate, buying businesses, etc.  Read books, watch videos, attend seminars or webinars, and listen to audiobooks.  Check out websites like Yahoo Finance, Morning Star, and Investopedia.  Nobody will ever care more about your money than you.  Money isn’t everything, but it absolutely impacts your quality of life, freedom, options, healthcare access and your ability to take good care of yourself (buy healthy food, take time off from work when needed, etc).



The above areas are just a few ways you can begin the work of investing in yourself first.  Do you agree with investing in yourself first?  Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts!

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Thank you for visiting and reading! 🙂


Love & Light ❤️✨😃,



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