Simply Chrissy Podcast Episode 8: 4 Natural Refined Sugar Replacements

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Episode Description:

Refined sugar is everywhere and in almost everything!  It tastes sweet, but does sour things to your body and health — including increasing your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, belly fat, premature aging and wrinkles. Those are just the tip of the iceberg of the many potential health problems refined sugar can cause and you can read more about it in Blog #71: 4 Natural Ways To Kick Refined Sugar Out Of Your Life (Sugar Substitutes) 🙂

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Thank you for visiting this blog and the Simply Chrissy Podcast! 🥑

Did you gain any value from the episode?  Do you have refined sugar in your diet?  Have you started replacing it already or have you decided to reduce the amount you consume regularly?

Leave a comment below letting me know what you and the sugar in your life are up to! 😄

Love & Light ❤️✨🙌🏽,


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