Blog #84: Interview with Dynamic Personal Trainer Anselm Clarke

Anselm SC blog interview Pic
This photo of Anselm is from when he competed in the INFB (Natural Body Building, Figure & Fitness Model) competition.  Here he placed 2nd in the Men’s Physique category.

Anselm Clarke is a dynamic personal trainer who has had a passion for fitness all his life.  He was born on the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago and moved to Canada as a young boy.  He’s been physically active since his school years, playing many sports and even progressing to play high level football and basketball.

He’s been training clients for 10 years.  His clientele includes a great variety of people including: Women, men and children (from ages 12 to 60), hockey players, basketball players, football players, dancers and fitness competitors.  He’s also helped clients get in shape for their wedding day.

Anselm has competed in 2 Body Building Competitions:

-His first competition: 11th Place in the MABBA (Manitoba Amateur Body Building Association) Competition, Men’s Physique category

-His second competition: 2nd Place in the INFB Canada Competition, Men’s Physique category (**please see his competition photo above**)




Simply Chrissy: Tell us about your fitness background. What made you get into fitness in the first place? Are you self-taught, did you get any certifications, or a combination of both?

Anselm: I have been active physically all my life, playing high level basketball and football. You can say I have always had a passion for fitness and how the body works.  How adjustments in food, weight training and effort all allow the body to achieve results and over a long period of time.  My personal training credentials came from my study of physiology at the University of Alberta. I then returned to Winnipeg and pursued my business degree and criminology degree.


Simply Chrissy: What 3 lessons did you learn from competing in a body building competitions?

Anselm: My experience in bodybuilding taught me how to elevate my training in a different direction. Being on stage is not easy. Holding a pose while being depleted of food to create the illusion that you are at your best physical self is tough. I also learned that you need to do bodybuilding shows for yourself and not just for a trophy.

Simply Chrissy: What are some exercises women should be doing to build strength and why?

Anselm: I think a woman should have balance to weight training that includes an understanding of food. What I mean is that you need proper nutrition to fuel your body if you expect to get results. I would also add that women should do more than squats. I have seen over the years the butt obsession on Facebook and YouTube and Instagram. I get loving one body part more than other, but not to the detriment of your overall conditioning. I believe in a sustained effort and body balance.

Simply Chrissy: What are some exercises men should be doing to build strength and why?

Anselm: I believe the same for men.  Do more than upper body work. Don’t leave your legs out of your training. Body Balance is key.

Simply Chrissy: What is your favorite muscle group to train during your own workout?

Anselm: Shoulders.  Lots of volume until I have nothing left.

Simply Chrissy: What is your least favorite muscle group to workout?

Anselm:  Heavy leg day.  It’s not my least favorite per se, but it kicks my butt!


“It’s a huge part of maximizing every workout. If you don’t fuel properly, your body can’t change.”


Simply Chrissy: For anybody reading this who wants to get in shape the healthy way, where do you recommend they start?

Anselm: Anyone interested in training should have a plan. We all want to see results for our efforts in the gym. The problem is that a lot of us have no clue what to do. For me, I read magazines and books about all aspects of training. The effort you put in will equal the results you achieve. Also, ask questions of others and/or try training with a more experienced partner. This can have benefits, but be mindful and don’t cut corners. I don’t believe in the use of drugs to achieve your goals. The risk isn’t worth it to me. Others may feel differently, but that’s my opinion.

Simply Chrissy: I heard a quote from a vegan body builder on Instagram that blew my mind because it was THAT poignant.  He said “You can’t out-train a poor diet!”.  How important is proper eating and nutrition when trying to achieve fitness goals?

Anselm: It’s a huge part of maximizing every workout.  If you don’t fuel properly, your body can’t change.

Simply Chrissy:  How has keeping fit benefited your life and helped you deal with stress, setbacks and overcoming obstacles?

Anselm: I have made training part of my life because I have always loved fitness. The rewards of health and being able to be around for my son is what motivates me now. When I was younger my priorities were so different. What I am saying is that there are so many benefits to proper training and eating that benefits each of us differently at times. Whatever the reason, just keep going.

Simply Chrissy: How can people contact you to train with you, or ask you more fitness questions?

Anselm: If people are interested in training they can reach me through Facebook or email me at:


What did you think of this interview with personal trainer Anselm Clarke?  Is he awesome or what!?

I have personally experienced being trained by Anselm.  He is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, fun and he kicks your butt, lol!  He really pushes you to your limits to get the best out of you.  I highly recommend him.

Did you find this interview helpful?  Do you have more questions to ask him?  Leave a comment below!

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Thank you for checking out this interview!

Peace, Love & Health,


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