Simply Chrissy Podcast #7: You Can’t Change People

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Episode Description:

In life, the only person you can truly change is yourself — and that’s hard enough to do!  You can’t change another person. Understanding this concept can help to save you much headaches and heartache throughout life.  It’s also empowering.  Listen as Chrissy chops it up and dishes some real talk on the topic.


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2 thoughts on “Simply Chrissy Podcast #7: You Can’t Change People

Add yours

    1. Exactly! 🙂

      I’m also examining the notion of expectations and the often unrealistic ones we put on people. Then we set ourselves up for huge disappointment, because people are just people.

      I’ve actually been adjusting my expectations of people — lowering them actually. I find it quite helpful.

      Set your healthy boundaries for sure, but don’t expect a lot from people.

      It goes hand-in-hand with not being able to change people. Like peanut butter and jelly, lol!


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