Blog #55: Two Excellent Gluten-Free Pastas That Don’t Turn To Mush!


Gluten intolerance in all it’s levels of severity continues to rise.  Much of the ‘food’ available for human consumption is altered in many ways by man.  It’s contaminated with all kinds of drugs and growth hormones.  Therefore our food is no longer food and it’s impacting human health in a multitude of ways.

Going gluten-free definitely requires a period of adjustment.  It takes time to get over not being able to eat the foods you once ate.  It takes time to get used to the taste of gluten-free products, especially bread type items (waffles, pancakes, pitas, etc).  It also takes time to figure out which items you like or don’t like.  It’s really a long journey and there’s a lot of frustration a long the way, especially when you just want to eat some food that tastes good! 😑


Here’s 2 excellent gluten-free pasta brands I currently use:

1) Tinkyada(

2) Rizopia (

Both pastas taste EXCELLENT, cook like normal pasta and don’t turn to mush!

Examples of Rizopia and Tinkyada gluten-free pasta brands ✨ 🌿 Both pastas are made of brown rice and the Rizopia brand uses wild rice too.

Be free to cook as many pasta dishes as you want having full confidence that recipes will turn out great and your normal gluten eating friends won’t suspect a thing.

You can find these brands at your local health food stores, online and in the gluten-free section of regular grocery stores.

Do you eat gluten-free pasta?  Leave comment below letting me know which brands you use.

Bon appetit! 🍝 🌿 ✌🏽 😁

– Chrissy

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