Blog #54: Vegan Egg! Your Breakfast Just Got Better

Seriously delicious vegan egg…. scrambled of course! 👌🌿

When I used to eat eggs I really enjoyed them scrambled, soft boiled and sometimes fried. Since removing animal products from my diet, and soy products, I really do miss eggs sometimes.  Especially if I want to make a fancy breakfast with pancakes/waffles (GF + vegan) and ‘eggs’.  Tofu eggs are no longer an option for me because soy triggers my eczema. But, they really were great once upon a time!

A few months ago around the time when I was writing about flax eggs in baking (to replace the egg ingredient), a friend of mine, Danielle, pointed out these vegan eggs and highly recommended them.  She’d posted a picture on her instagram account of the vegan eggs and they looked great! So, I went and bought them, made them and they’re fantastic!  This vegan egg is by the company Earth Island, so feel free to research it a bit then try it for yourself.

Earth Island vegan egg! 👌

I have tested them out in various ways to see how versatile they really are: So far I have made scrambled eggs (with GF, Vegan pancakes 😍) and I made a gluten-free, vegan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving last month (in Canada) and used it in the pumpkin pie filling. I must say, it gets a 10 out of 10 for both times! 👍 🎉

Thanks again to my friend Danielle for introducing me to this product because now I have 1 more food option that jives with my very specific diet (plant-based diet + food allergies).

I hope this info helps many of you out there and puts you on the path to finding what’s good for you and your health! 🌿

I highly recommend these vegan eggs because they really do taste like eggs!! 👌


– Chrissy


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  1. I’ve been really curious about this product and would love to try it, but I haven’t seen it anywhere. Did you buy it in Canada? If so, where did you find it?


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