Blog #54: Vegan Egg! Your Breakfast Just Got Better

Seriously delicious vegan egg…. scrambled of course! πŸ‘ŒπŸŒΏ

When I used to eat eggs I really enjoyed them scrambled, soft boiled and sometimes fried. Since removing animal products from my diet, and soy products, I really do miss eggs sometimes.Β  Especially if I want to make a fancy breakfast with pancakes/waffles (GF + vegan) and ‘eggs’.Β  Tofu eggs are no longer an option for me because soy triggers my eczema. But, they really were great once upon a time!

A few months ago around the time when I was writing about flax eggs in baking (to replace the egg ingredient), a friend of mine, Danielle, pointed out these vegan eggs and highly recommended them.Β  She’d posted a picture on her instagram account of the vegan eggs and they looked great! So, I went and bought them, made them and they’re fantastic!Β  This vegan egg is by the company Earth Island, so feel free to research it a bit then try it for yourself.

Earth Island vegan egg! πŸ‘Œ

I have tested them out in various ways to see how versatile they really are: So far I have made scrambled eggs (with GF, Vegan pancakes 😍) and I made a gluten-free, vegan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving last month (in Canada) and used it in the pumpkin pie filling. I must say, it gets a 10 out of 10 for both times! πŸ‘ πŸŽ‰

Thanks again to my friend Danielle for introducing me to this product because now I have 1 more food option that jives with my very specific diet (plant-based diet + food allergies).

I hope this info helps many of you out there and puts you on the path to finding what’s good for you and your health! 🌿

I highly recommend these vegan eggs because they really do taste like eggs!! πŸ‘Œ


– Chrissy

7 thoughts on “Blog #54: Vegan Egg! Your Breakfast Just Got Better

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    1. Hi Starr! πŸ™‚ This vegan egg is pretty rad. It blew my pants off and I wasn’t expecting it to, lol. Yes, I got it in Canada, in my city, at one of the local health food stores that I frequent. What country do you live in? If you’re in the USA, give Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods a try. Even if you don’t live in the USA, you may be able to order online and have it shipped to you (depending on their shipping chart of course). Otherwise, try Amazon as a possibility? I also wanted to say this vegan egg does a great job in baking. I made a vegan pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving in October (Canada) and it turned out superb! :# :#


    1. Hi Trudi! πŸ™‚ I’m happy you like it too! It’s awesome stuff! It blew my mind and I wasn’t expecting it too. Because, it tastes great by itself (as an ‘egg’) and also in baking! It really works as an egg does. This stuff is genius, lol! I didn’t know it’s difficult to find in Belgium, but I’m glad you can find some online. And VegFest London sounds awesome! What’s it like at that festival? I’m glad you found vegan egg there, they’d totally have that there.


    1. I was skeptical at first too! But it really is legit and is effective in baking AND serving as your normal “eggs” in a breakfast meal, for example. It really impressed me. This brand did a fantastic job and I recommend it to everyone.

      I don’t write about anything I haven’t eaten or experienced within my blog. I’ve lived what I’m writing about — not mere theory. So as me and my blog grow, improve, evolve, plus more people discover it, I hope that more and more people become helped and gain value from having experienced my blog. That’s the mission here πŸ™‚

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