Blog #49: Tigernuts: The No-Nut Superfood To Add To Your Life

Skinned Tigernuts! 😃

Despite the name of this superfood, Tigernuts aren’t nuts!  They are Tubers (similar to a root type veggie).

Tigernuts are originally from such places as Southern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Madagascar.  In Spain, they even make a delightful milk out of Tigernuts called Horchata.

When you bite into a Tigernut, you will notice that it is very fiberous and chewy.  There’s a naturally occurring sweetness that is just right and a flavor that is ideal (almost like a coconut flavor, but much more mellow).

Some health benefits include: Contains vitamins C and E; High in fibre; Is a vegetable protein source; Great for digestive health; Also has potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

Tigernuts are safe for people with allergies to tree nuts and peanuts (myself included) to eat.  They also make your digestive system happy! 😀

Variety is the spice of life.  So, whether you are making breakfast, baking, seeking healthy snack ideas or whatever, you can consider incorporating Tigernuts.

For example, here are some ideas on using Tigernuts:

🌅 – In a breakfast setting, add them to cereal or yogurt

🥄🥄 – If you’re baking, Tigernuts are a fantastic replacement for coconut!  They can be soaked in water for 15 to 20 minutes to make them softer.  Then, put them in a food processor to grind them to a finer consistency, then add it to your recipe

🍏 – For a snack, simply put some in a Ziploc bag or small container and you’re ready to go!

Starting on the left you see a package of Tigernuts, then a whole Tigernut (top right), followed by a view of the inside (bottom right).

I hope you try Tigernuts and find a way to add them to your weekly menu.

Cheers to Health! 💪🌿

– Chrissy





7 thoughts on “Blog #49: Tigernuts: The No-Nut Superfood To Add To Your Life

Add yours

    1. Hi! 😄 I’m pumped you hadn’t heard of Tigernuts because you got some new info! Definitely give them a try and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting! 😀


    1. I really like eating them as a snack. That’s my primary method at this point. Next, I want to try the idea I got which is to try it as a coconut substitute in baking (I’m allergic to shredded coconut). So, I’m pumped for that. Tigernuts taste really nice with a subtle sweetness. It’s hard to describe, you need to try it! 😁


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