Blog #47: From West Africa to Harlem, New York: It’s Ginjan Juice!

This is Ginjan (juice) by Ginjan Bros LLC.  The packaging is so beautiful and unique compared to the landscape of products sold in most stores, I could just stare at the bottles, lol! 👌😃 🙌 😍

In West Africa, there’s a hugely popular traditional drink that’s been around for over 1000 years, it’s called Ginjan (it’s also known as ‘Ginjan juice’).

I recently got the opportunity to try Ginjan.  It was carefully crafted by a company called Ginjan Bros LLC .  Their version of it is delicious and refreshing with a spicy ginger-kick that heats up your mouth and delights your taste buds.

Now, being that I’m of Caribbean decent (🇹🇹 & 🇯🇲), if you’ve never tried this drink before, the ginger-kick of Ginjan reminds me of really, really, really good homemade Jamaican Ginger Beer.  And yes, calm down, I know Ginjan juice and Ginger Beer are NOT the same – I merely said ‘reminds me of’, lol.

You can do so many things with this drink: Add it to festive summer drinks, freeze it into ice cubes (to have by itself as a frozen treat, or added to drinks), make both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, add it to fruit salad, make popsicles or even add it to smoothies.  Wherever your imagination takes you!

Ginjan Bros LLC is headquartered in Harlem, New York and run by two brothers originally from Guinea.  It is there that they produce small batches at a time to give consumers the freshest product experience possible.

The owners are pictured above: Brothers Mohammed (glasses) on the left and Rahim (no glasses) on the right Diallo.  The bottom photo shows them being featured in Blackenterprise Magazine in July 2017.

Ginjan juice contains very few ingredients (which is always awesome! 🙌👌) and boasts many health benefits.  All of the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, contains no preservatives and is high pressure processed for freshness.  The ginger, lemons and pineapples are all cold-pressed.

The organic ingredients are: Ginger (anti-inflammatory properties), pineapples (immune system support & eye health properties), lemons (alkalizing effect on the body), vanilla, anise and cane sugar.

Ginjan Bros drink is not available in Canada 🇨🇦 for the time being.  Right now it continues to be sold in New York and grow throughout the USA.

If you have questions about their Ginjan juice or where to buy it, check out their website:, or connect with them via their social media.  They are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under “Ginjanbros.”

Cheers! ✌️

– Chrissy

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