Blog #45: Milk & Honey Body Butter by Seacret (Beauty, Skin Health + Eczema Relief)

My body butter!! 😍😃😍

I discovered this product last summer.  It’s made by a company named Seacret.  They manufacture products containing Dead Sea salt.   The Dead Sea has a very high mineral content, including 12 minerals only found in the Dead Sea, hence the augmented healing properties of their product line.

The Milk and Honey body butter is one of my absolute favorite products! 🙌  I have severe chronic eczema, and a friend of mind suggested it to me to help relieve my skin.

The fragrance is very light and mild. Plus, it smells wonderful! 😄  It’s super healing to the skin and is soothing on my Eczema.

This body butter makes normal skin beautiful and luminous.

I discovered last summer that it also acts as a natural sun block too, because my skin is so sensitive, I am very prone to getting sunburn on my face, neck and chest, if I don’t wear proper quality sunscreen with a high SPF.  Minerals have been known to reflect the rays of the sun, and I had no idea that I’d be protected.  I did not get sunburn once last year (I’d been sunburned in 2015 and 2014).  That’s a miracle, lol!

This body butter is worth checking out!  It’s very concentrated, so a little goes a long way.  You can use it head to toe for normal skin care/beauty purposes, or use it to soothe your Eczema.

You can check the Seacret website for more info and to see the other body butter scents: ✌️🌸 😃


– Chrissy


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