Blog #44: The Power of Activated Charcoal


Activated charcoal USP……no, not the stuff from your BBQ or camp fire. This is the medical grade stuff usually sourced from coconut shells. This has been used in hospitals for decades to treat alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses.  It was even used in ancient Egypt 🇪🇬.

Basically, how it works is: Toxins in your body stick to the charcoal and it gets excreted 💩💩💩.

Some of its other applications include: Whitening your teeth naturally 😬 (use the powder or break open a capsule, add it to your toothbrush and git ‘er done. It can be messy tho, so be careful!), using it internally to detox your body (usually takes 2 days of cleansing), and making a purifying face mask (you’ll have to mix it with other ingredients to make the face mask) 🎭.

These are the activated charcoal capsules.

This stuff is actually pretty bomb and is SO multifunctional!  It’s way more useful than what’s written on the bottle.

Whether you get this at your local health food store, or order online, be sure it is sourced from coconut shells and says ‘USP’ after ‘activated charcoal’.

This is the activated charcoal powder.  This is inside the capsules.

Please note a few extra tips:

– For teeth whitening, you can use the activated charcoal on your toothbrush by itself, or sprinkle some on top of the toothpaste

>>>> Get Activated Charcoal here: Coconut Activated Charcoal Powder, Large 8 Oz. Ultra Fine . Food Grade, Natural Teeth Whitener, Rejuvenates Skin, Detoxifier

– The activated charcoal will stain your toothbrush a bit.  The amount of staining will depend on whether you used it by itself on your toothbrush (pure black color), or whether you mixed some with your toothpaste (it turns a dark grey color)

– Your mouth will feel SO CLEAN!  Like, I was blown away.  It felt like Mr. Clean took up residence in my mouth, lol! 😂 😂 😂

Cheers to health! ✌️🌿

– Chrissy

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