Blog #41: Soothe Your Eczema & Heal Your Skin with Sea Salt

My awesome sea salt all dressed up for it’s close-up! 🙃 😂 If you buy sea salt, use any brand that suits you.  If you live by the sea, go swim in there! 🌴 🏖️ ☀️

Sea salt is such an amazing natural remedy.  It’s so unassuming, yet bursting with power.  The minerals from the ocean boost the sea salt with healing properties that are so effective to the body, especially externally.

I have been using sea salt to help me treat my eczema since I was a child.  My mom was the one who introduced me to it while caring for me during one of the many times I had a full-body skin infection from my eczema.  My mom was exposed to a lot of natural remedies while growing up on the island of Trinidad and Tobago.  Also, being a nurse for 30+ years in Canada was a massive help and I’m so fortunate to have had free nurse care from my mom.

The great thing is that whether you have eczema or not, sea salt can benefit your skin.  Here are some sea salt applications to help soothe and heal your skin.  ***WARNING: SEA SALT STINGS THE SKIN INTENSELY WHEN IN CONTACT WITH RAW SKIN IN ANY WAY.  THIS IS NORMAL.  THAT IS THE NATURE OF SEA SALT.  IT IS VERY HEALING & THE FEELING OF RELIEF COMES AFTER THE PAIN.***

1) Make a simple homemade sea salt scrub to exfoliate your skin

2) Put it in your foot bath

3) Add some to your bath water

4) For infected fingernail beds (from scratching too much due to your eczema, or in a more normal case, you got a sliver under your nail), add 2 tsp of sea salt to a cup of warm water and soak your affected finger(s) for 5 to 10 mins.  Repeat the treatment until the swelling goes down, the puss gathers in 1 spot and you can pop your finger(s).  Sometimes the infection will correct itself and you won’t have to pop your finger.

5) For a skin infection on large areas of skin (and yes you’d need an internal antibiotic type of medication to kill the infection).  Consider a room temperature ‘bucket bath’.  Infections love heat and that helps bigger infections spread like wild fire.  Also, be very careful to not touch the infection and then another part of your body because you will spread in infection within 24 hrs. Anyway, gently sponge your skin (or get help), being careful not to break the pustules on your skin (again, you’ll spread the infection, broken pustules hurt).  When your skin looks clean, usually after two gentle wash cycles, gently rinse your skin.  Pat it dry gently.  Apply a thin layer of aloe vera (your skin will dry out and get extremely itchy….but, you can’t scratch the infection.  It’s hell).  Lastly, get help to wrap your skin in gauze to protect your skin (the pustules will pop and ooze into the gauze).  Change your gauze at least twice a day.

And that’s it!  Sorry for being so graphic everyone, lol!  But I know this post will help someone suffering with eczema or infected skin somewhere in the world!


Chrissy 😁✌️🌸✌️


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