Blog #39: Awesome Facial Cleanser & Toner by Seacret (**Good option for people with Eczema or Sensitive Skin**)


Having very sensitive skin makes getting any skin products a challenge.  Having an allergic reaction to new skin products is not fun, and at a certain point, it makes want to give up for a while.  Allergic reactions are never ever fun, lol 😂😭😖.

I was introduced to a brand called Seacret (SEA-cret) last summer when I was talking to my friend about my eczema.  She said that she’d used some products on her eczema behind her legs (I have it there too) and it ended up soothing it and healing it.  I got samples and started trying different products in the brand.  I was flabbergasted buy the fact that I did not get an allergic reaction to the samples I tried, AND I noticed improvements in my skin.

Seacret products are made from the Dead Sea.  It’s the lowest point on earth at 1,388 feet below sea level.  The mineral content of the Dead Sea is very very rich and concentrated, therefore the healing properties of it are phenomenal.  Many people from around the world travel to the Dead Sea to bathe in the water and also get healing from it.  For product info, check out:


Today, I’m going to tell you about their fantastic facial cleansing milk and the toner.  They are fantastic!  Gentle, soothing, refreshing and rejuvenating.  My skin always feels nice and clean and tingley after I have used their cleanser and toner 😄.

All you need are the flat, round cotton makeup removal pads to apply the cleanser and toner.  For the cleanser, apply a quarter (25 cents size) size to the cotton pad, wipe all over your face and rinse off.  For the toner, saturate a cotton with it and wipe all over your face.  And you’re done!

If you have sensitive skin, or eczema, acne, psoriasis, or you are seeking new skin products, I strongly suggest you give these products are try 🙌.

Ask your local Seacret Agent for samples if you are worried about having an allergic reaction.  That’s what I did and they will do it for you too! ✌️

Cheers to health! ✌️🌿🙌

2 thoughts on “Blog #39: Awesome Facial Cleanser & Toner by Seacret (**Good option for people with Eczema or Sensitive Skin**)

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  1. I came across your posts as I was searching for blog posts on Seacret and I have to agree, I love the facial cleansing milk and toner! The cleansing milk makes my feel feel so soft and amazing while the toner makes my face fee so refreshed after a long day of wearing makeup ❤


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