Blog #38: The Magic of Norwex Body Pack Cloths (Chemical-Free Skin Care)

3 cloths come in 1 package of Norwex Body Pack Cloths.  Maintain them by washing them weekly in an eco-friendly laundry detergent.  The cloths last for 7 years!

The discovery of these special cloths have played a pivotal role in my skin’s improved health and marked a turning point in my ability to manage my severe chronic eczema.  This product is good for everybody, whether you are looking for new chemical free beauty products, are health chemical conscious, have acne or sensitive skin – this is definitely something to consider implementing into your life.

The brand is called Norwex.  The special microfiber cloths with silver woven into the fabric were originally developed to fight antibiotic resistant superbugs in Norwegian hospitals.  They eventually thought their products would be useful in homes for families, and an entire product line was born.  I personally have, love, and use many of their products (like their dry/wet mop!! 🙌  Best mop EVER).  It’s safe for babies too.  You can find any additional info at:


The product in the photo above and that I use is called the Body Pack Cloth.  The color combo in the photo is called ‘Vibrant’.  All you do is wet the cloth, wring it out and wipe you face or body.  The microfiber cleans and exfoliates your skin, and all the bacteria get trapped in the cloth and dies upon touching the silver.  After you wipe your face, rinse out the cloth and hang it to dry on your towel rack.  The entire cloth self-sanitizes once dry!

To maintain your cloths, machine wash once per week in a natural/eco-friendly laundry detergent (some detergents are harsh and will ruin the cloth).

My face used to look like camouflage.  I had a lot of patches, discoloration, thickened skin, rashes, raw areas, you name it.  Many times I’d scratched off my eyebrows because the eczema on my face was so bad.  I had difficulty finding soaps that agreed with my skin and many didn’t.  The Norwex cloths helped my skin tremendously and I thank God for it.

*°*°Hot Tip (Especially for Eczema Sufferers!!): Be aware of the soap you use on your face and body.  The pH of your skin will already be jeopardized from scratching so much.  You will have a bad problem with dryness on effected areas.  The more you scratch, the worse your skin gets.  Soap (bars of soap) alkalize your skin and dry it out even more than it already is.  Refraining from using soap on your skin and finding a better alternative to clean it may be one puzzle piece that may improve and relieve your skin.*°*°

So, if you have any health issues with allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sensitive skin, etc, I highly recommend checking out Norwex products.

Norwex will change you and/or your family’s life for the better.  It absolutely changed mine!

Cheers to health! ✌️🌿 🙌

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