Blog #36: Twice-Baked Paprika Thyme Sesame Fries


Yum-tastic fries baked to perfection! 👌

I created this recipe on a whim recently while having a craving for fries, but was unable to go get some, lol.  So, this recipe was born!  It’s simple, delicious, satisfying, vegan and allergy friendly.

*** Note: You will be using 2 different temperatures and 2 different oven settings to achieve the heavenly ‘soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside’ effect. ***



– 3 large potatoes

– 1 tsp Paprika

– 1 tsp Thyme

– 1 TBSP Canola oil (add a bit more if needed to coat potatoes)

– Herbamare Aromatic Sea Salt



1) Wash and cut 3 potatoes into medium sized sticks (or wedges, if you want)

2) Spread on baking sheet

3) Sprinkle thyme and paprika on potatoes

4) Add 1 TBSP of oil, or just enough to coat the potatoes (avoid excess oil on baking sheet)

5) Rub oil and spices all over potatoes until properly coated

6) (***Round 1 of baking: Cooking the potatoes for soft insides***) Put potatoes to bake at 350°F for 20 mins.  Flip fries over at the 10 min mark!!

7)  (***Round 2 of baking: Using higher heat to make the outsides crispy***)  Then, change the oven’s cook setting to the ‘ROAST’ setting at 400°F for another 10 mins (roast for 5 mins on each side)

Once brown and crispy on each side, remove from oven.

Sprinkle with sea salt and sesame seeds (The sesame seeds can be left out if you don’t like them, or are allergic).

Now serve it up & Enjoy!! ✌️🥄🔪🤣

Try this recipe and comment below how it went for you!  🙂

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