Blog #33: Delicious Vegan Brownies (Gluten-free)


🍫 B R O W N I E S! 🍫  This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, succulent, delicious, allergen-free, super-fantastic and makes some impressive-ass brownies.  It is easy, simple and tastes absolutely superb.

These brownies are fantastic, period.  No matter if you eat gluten, or not.  It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, or not.  If you are a human with functional taste buds, and you like to enjoy any great tasting food – you will love these brownies!

These brownies are especially impressive because usually gluten-free brownies taste terrible, like a mixture of sand, saw dust and wood chips, lmao! 😂 😂  So these are basically a stroke of genius!

Gluten-free, vegan brownie mixture ready to go into the pan.

If you make them and take them to a party, nobody will tell they are gluten-free and vegan.  All they will know is that these brownies are delicious✌️.

No matter what your dietary situation, it’s still possible to treat yourself in a healthier, safer way even if your diet is moreso plant-based 🌿. Variety is SUPER important on your food journey.  You will eventually plateau otherwise.  Furthermore, it’s always great to make most of the foods you eat, so that you know what’s going in your body! ✌️🤣 🙌

Brownies baking at 350°F for 25 – 30 mins.


– 2 flax eggs (**To make ONE flax egg replacement, mix: 1 TBSP ground flax seed with 3 TBSP of hot water.  Let it sit for 10 mins to thicken.  > [ 1 flax egg = 1 normal egg ] < You will need to make TWO flax eggs for this recipe ☺️ )

– 3/4 cup Agave nectar

– 1/3 cup coconut oil

-1/2 cup mashed banana

– 1/4  cup raw cacao (or cocoa powder)

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– 1/2 tsp baking soda

– 2/3 cup buckwheat flour

– 1/4 tsp cinnamon

– 1/8 nutmeg


Combine flax egg, agave nectar, vanilla extract and coconut oil together until smooth. Add dry ingredients. Pour into small baking tin or rectangular loaf tin. Bake at 350°F for 25 – 30 mins. Remove from oven and let it cool.

Cut into 8 brownies and enjoy! 🍫🌿✌️

Leave a comment below letting me know how it went for you trying this recipe!




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