Blog #31: ‘Super Dry Patch’ Skin Cream by Di Erbe (For Eczema & Dry Skin)


So, a few blog posts back, I wrote about the primary skin cream I use.  It is organic and vegan.  It is called Dry Patch by Di Erbe (  Anyone with dry skin needs can use it.  However, it is especially formulated for for people with eczema.

Around December 2016, Di Erbe came out with a second formulation of that skin cream, Super Dry Patch.  This formulation is thicker like a shea butter type of feeling.  It’s really good during winter for a normal person’s skin (no skin ailments) or as is needed for a person with eczema.

I like both products.  I still use the original Dry Patch primarily all over my body (it’s gentle enough for my face), followed by the Super Dry Patch.

If you or anyone you know suffers with eczema, I HIGHLY recommend these products because the Ingredients are organic, vegan, and simple.  Nothing harsh.  It actually moisturizes your skin and is pretty gentle.

You can find all their products and info about their products on their website: or check your local health food store for this product.


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