Blog #30: Easy Homemade Herb Salad Dressing


✨✨ Salad dressing inspiration:  ✨✨

The other day I craved lettuce salad.  So, I bought a premade lettuce salad and an individual serving packet of salad dressing.  I don’t buy salad dressing often due to my dietary restrictions and food allergies.  My favorite salad dressing is the Italian dressing. The store ran out of the brand I like in the individual serving packet, so I took a no name brand.

So, I get home excited to devour my salad, added the salad dressing and got into my salad.  That no name salad dressing was terrible tasting! 🤢 🤢 I’d never had an Italian dressing ruin my salad vibes!  But this one sure did! I couldn’t finish eating my salad (I always finish my salad. I’m a salad lover).

I was disgusted. So, the next day when I went to eat more lettuce salad, I got a sudden stroke of genius and whipped up the following dressing in 4 seconds with 4 ingredients:

– A drizzle of olive oil over your salad

– A pinch of Himalayan salt (or sea salt)

– 1 TBSP of water

– 1 tsp nutritional yeast (optional)

– A sprinkle of dried mixed herbs (of your choice)


With the salad in your bowl, drizzle a bit of olive oil over your salad, add the pinch of Himalayan salt (sea salt), a small dash of dried herbs, nutritional yeast and the 1 TBSP of water.  Feel free to also premix the ingredients in a container if you are serving multiple people, or just want to have enough to last a few days.

Otherwise, mix it all together!  Toss your salad and bon appetite!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you like to dress up your salad!

Enjoy!! 🌿😀

– Chrissy

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