Blog #28: Probiotic Importance – Health Begins and Ends in Your Gut!



You are only as healthy as your gut. Health begins and ends in your gut. Think of it like your body’s central plumbing and nutritional distribution centre.  If your body cannot properly ingest, assimilate and eliminate the foods you eat, you are screwed.  A healthy gut is vital to human health. Many health ailments can be linked to gut dysfunction, despite a physical manifestation of an ailment appearing to have zero correlation to your gut.

Our guts are damaged by diet (fast food, processed food, alcohol, carbonated drinks, caffeine, etc), lifestyle habits (drinking, drugs, poor eating habits), stress, depression and pharmaceuticals​ (antibiotics because it kills good bacteria, AND bad bacteria in your gut) to name a few. A great way to improve your overall health is to eliminate or drastically reduce any factors hurting your gut.

Probiotic supplements are very helpful to your gut health and overall health. Populating your gut with healthy bacteria is important.  Look for higher potency numbers for the bacterial count (mine in the pic says 55 billion. You don’t need one that high, even 20 billion is good. But you’ll have to find the potency that suits your body. 5 billion bacterial count is pretty low, that’s all I’m saying). This also helps your immune system to remain strong.

Find a brand and potency good for your body at your local health food store.  Do your own research too, if need be.

Stay well ✌️🌿 Health is wealth.

2 thoughts on “Blog #28: Probiotic Importance – Health Begins and Ends in Your Gut!

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    1. Hi! 😀 And awesome! I’m happy it helped you! Also awesome that the potency you used was 55 billion too! ✌️ Yes, probiotics are a part of my personal natural health care regimen (except for when I run out, then I gotta get more, lol). I started using them years ago because I had digestive issues related to my food allergies and eczema. I will say a huge improvement happened in my digestive health when I fully removed ALL gluten, dairy and corn from my diet. As in, zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. None at all. No more going back and forth. I had been removing those allergens from my diet gradually over years, and had reduced my consumption to minimal amounts, not realizing how much they affected my stomach health and my eczema management. Like, literally, eating gluten made my stomach feel numb (for lack of a better term). Fully removing the dairy and the gluten was so tough. I really struggled with those and it took a a long time. Gluten products taste great, don’t get me wrong! But it damages my health. So, having removed those allergens, plus my digestive system healing itself more, I find the probiotics more impactful now 😀 ✌️.


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