Blog #29: Fermented Vegan Protein Powder


This vegan protein is decent tasting.  Not terrible at all.  It’s a bit lighter tasting, and less dense.  And a less overpowering taste too.  I say it like that because I’m not a fan of a similar vegan protein, Vega brand (really popular brand) because it tastes heavy and overpowers the taste of your smoothie.

The one in the picture​ above by Genuine Health, is fermented and formulated with digestive health in mind, so that’s what got me to try this one. I thought it would be the same as the Vega brand, but I was wrong! ✌️

It’s got 20g of protein 💪👌 You really have to search for a vegan protein that tastes good because it really isn’t the same as whey protein.

This fermented protein is worth a try the next time you whip up a smoothie 🍒🍍🍓🍌

Bon Appetit!! 🌿✌️🌺😀🌿

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