Blog #27: Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera

My aloe vera! 😆

Fresh aloe vera is always the best. Aloe vera has numerous multi-purpose medicinal uses: Use it on your hair and skin, use it internally to cleanse and improve your digestive health 🌿.

If you cannot get fresh aloe vera, Lily of the Desert is my #1 choice for an aloe vera gel product.  It’s high quality.  Heals and soothes your  skin whether you want to toner your face, soothe a light scratch, sun burn, mix it in your body cream or help sooth painful eczema.

Use this on your hair too!  Add the amount you wish and voila! 👌

I use this on my skin regularly with the skin cream I use (Dry Patch by Di Erbe), and it helps soothe my skin and eczema.

Find this at your local health food store or at .



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