Blog #27: Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera

My aloe vera gel! 🌱 It’s the best!

Fresh aloe vera is always the best. Aloe vera has numerous multi-purpose medicinal uses: Use it on your hair and skin, use it internally to cleanse and improve your digestive health 🌿.

If you cannot get fresh aloe vera, Lily of the Desert is my #1 choice for an aloe vera gel product.  It’s high quality.  Heals and soothes your  skin whether you want to toner your face, soothe a light scratch, sun burn, mix it in your body cream or help sooth painful eczema.

This is the aloe vera plant cut into pieces.

Use this on your hair too!  Add the amount you wish and voila! 👌

I use this on my skin regularly with the skin cream I use (Dry Patch by Di Erbe), and it helps soothe my skin and eczema.

Find this at your local health food store or at .


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