Blog #23: Positive Vibes Only


Everything is energy. Every single thing.  Every man made thing started as an invisible thought.  The universe created all in nature.

Humans are like energetic magnets, we can attract both good and bad to ourselves.  Additionally, if you are in the midst of bad energy, usually from people, it is possible for it to ‘stick’ to you and/or be in your home (if you had certain kinds of people over, or if that energy is stuck to you when you get home).

Two simple ways to clear the energy in your personal space are to use: White Sage (for smudging) or, incense specifically the Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa).

Both the incense and white sage are to be burned in order to use them.

For the incense:  Light it with matches or a lighter, then blow out the flame so that the incense is smoking.  Allow the smoke to permeate the room or rooms you wish to cleanse of negative energy.

For the white sage: If you didn’t get it already tightly bundled in string, you may want to burn the unbundled stems in a metal bowl (as I did in the picture).  Otherwise, it’s a fire hazard because when the leaves burn, they tend to fall and float away, sometimes while still on fire.  If you did get it bundled in string, set the end on fire, blow out the flame and allow the smoke to permeate the spaces you wish.  You can also wipe the smoke on yourself (smudge yourself).

I use both methods ever so often, or if I intuitively get a sense to do it, then I will.  I did both today because I’m not feeling well (allergy/eczema flare up) – so I figured some spiritual and energetic cleansing could add to my speedy recovery.

Another way to keep good vibez around you is to eliminate negative people around you, and negative habits like gossiping and complaining.

(I smudged myself​ today with the sage especially where my skin is sore).

You can get the incense at some East Indian ethnic food stores (in their candle/incense section), or spiritual/energy medicine/chakra type places.  The white sage you can get at an energy medicine/chakra type place or at a traditional Aboriginal shop.

🙌 I wish you Positive Vibez Only 🙌

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