Blog #22: FreeYumm Cookies (Food Allergy Safe)

Parents, kids, adults, teenagers, friends and families: This is a great option now available to you if you are affected by food allergies. Millions of people across the world have food allergies, and many people don’t know they themselves have any. Depending on the level of allergy severity, finding safe food alternatives is challenging. And finding foods NOT cross-contaminated by allergens by way of manufacturing facilities, or otherwise, is an even bigger challenge.


I  tried this cookie today by a Canadian company called FreeYumm, and I loved it! 🇨🇦 👏 😀❤️ The flavour pictured above is the ginger cookie. It was soft and actually tasted great – a pretty ‘normal’ taste. You get fibre and protein from the oats inside. I am a big fan of any great tasting ginger snap type cookie (there are other flavours available).  Thanks for doing a great job FreeYumm!  You make my life easier for sure 🙌.


So, again knowing your food options are really important when living with food allergies and food intolerances. This is even a good option if you are refining your dietary habits in general to improve your health.

You can find this product at your local health food store or at

Happy Snacking Everyone! And remember health is wealth.  What you DON’T put into your body matters just as much as what you do.


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