Blog #19: Cherry Amaretto Goodness (Gluten-free, Vegan Frozen Treat)


Well folks, here’s another taste bud winner! This is my favorite flavor within this brand of dairy-free​ ice cream by Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss.

There used to be an ice cream shop called Laura Secord, here in Canada. That’s were I used to get my favorite ice cream flavor: Bordeaux Cherry 😍 🤤 😊  And obviously, due to the factors of that business closing and the fact that I’m dairy-free​ now, means zero of that ice cream for me.

Guys and gals, you gotta try this ice cream.  You won’t notice that it’s dairy-free​ because it tastes that great.  Again, I’m impressed by simple ingredients that pack a huge flavor punch, like in this case.


You’ll either find this in your local grocery store, or definitely in your local health food store.

Dairy-free​ options are really starting to kick-ass, and it really makes life easier especially if you have dietary restrictions.

Bonne Appetite! ✌️🍧

– Chrissy

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