Blog #18: Call me Twinkle Toes, Because My Hips Don’t Lie.

In this photo, I am dressed in my salsa costume ready to perform a Salsa routine with my friend and fellow dancer, Jedi Baker (Sept 2016).

I love dancing with all of heart. I have been dancing since I was a little girl. I started in ballet at age 4, and totally loved it!  To this day, my favorite ballet is Swan Lake (if you haven’t seen that ballet, check it out.  It is magically majestic) 👌.

My dance journey hasn’t been smooth or in a straight line by any means. Anything worth while really does take time.  I have experienced a multitude of setbacks, and the journey has been tough.  Also, dance is a very expensive endeavour to upkeep.  A primary setback has been with my Eczema issues and skin health.  It’s actually the reason I had quit ballet in the first place. My favourite ballet teacher had suggested I take a break from ballet because​ she saw I was in agony in class and at the barre during plié exercises, etc.  So, I took the break she suggested and​ never returned.  Due to a snowball of skin complications that ensued, I was out of commission for years.

It’s only after quitting dancing that I realized that I missed it and loved it.

If I didn’t truly love dancing, I would never have gone back to it.  I also would have quit soon after re-starting.

Dancing is already hard enough, but then adding a skin ailment in the mix just puts the level of difficulty on another stratosphere.

Dancing is the greatest.  For me it’s like an active meditation.  When I am simply dancing (not learning or practicing, just flowing with the music. No thinking), my mind is still, I am peaceful, I am happy and feel one with life.

**Note: The above video is a short salsa choreography I created and taught to the students in my dance class.**

It is such a beneficial activity for people to do because it works you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  It’s great stress relief, lifts your spirits and gives you a great workout!  In 20 minutes of dancing you can be sweating buckets and it’d feel like zero effort was made because you’d just had so much fun!

**Note: The above dance clip is Brazilian Samba. It’s the short choreography I taught my dance class.*”

The sweetest feeling is to be in the zone, or in the ‘pocket’ as I call it, which is: A magnificent song & beat + flowing to the music + a still mind + huge smile = Serenity.

Dancing through pain is tough.  Especially when it’s skin pain that covers large areas of your body.  It’s so hard to move.  So painful. Many times it knocks me down.  But, I always get up, in the end.  “Fall 7 times, get up 8”.

Never give up.

Peace & Love ✌️❤️,


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    1. Hi SauceBox! Thanks SO much! I appreciate it very much. I want people to enjoy my blog and have fun reading the words I write. But in the end, there is a purpose in my blog posts and that’s the value I want bring to the world. 😀✌

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