Blog #17: A Great Vegan Protein Powder Option

Awesome vegan protein powder!! 🌿💪

Today I tried a new vegan protein powder by Garden of Life (“Raw Protein: Beyond Organic Formula” is what the package says if you’re looking for the exact one I’m talking about here).  I’m SO pleased with it! 😬  It tastes fantastic and packs a protein punch of 17 grams in a serving of 23 grams of powder👌.

I have experienced both whey protein (this was prior to shifting my diet to plant-based vegetarian and I rarely have meat sourced products of any kind anymore) and vegan protein powder.  Whey protein powder is typically really light and fluffy tasting.  Some whey protein powders taste amazing, almost like dessert when you add it to your smoothie.

Now, vegan protein powder on the other hand typically tastes heavy, grainy, with zero fluffiness (as with whey protein powder) and it can really not taste good at all ☹️ 🤢.  Therefore​ ruining the taste of the smoothie you add it to.

Having experienced​ both protein powders, I prefer the light fluffy taste over the heavy grainy taste, but do to where I am in my dietary progress and with certain restrictions, whey protein is no longer an option for me.

So, getting back to the Garden of Life vegan protein powder….my smoothie today tasted delicious!  I drank it with ease.  Before today, I had never actually truly enjoyed a vegan protein powder smoothie.  Sometimes, I wouldn’t finish the smoothie because I didn’t like the taste.  Other times, I’d just force it down because I knew it was good for me.  Also, I didn’t want to waste the ingredients.


This is an awesome option for anyone out there seeking a vegan protein powder that tastes great 🙌.  Note: Vegan protein powder does take some getting used to tastewise.

So, if you’re already into vegan protein powder, or are looking for one to start with, I really recommend checking this one out. Eventually, you will find a brand that suites you best ✌🏽🌿 ☺️.

Health is wealth!

– Chrissy

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