Blog #9: Gluten-Free Oats


oat-2775006_1920👉 GLUTEN 👈  Are you highly sensitive or intolerant to it? Do you have Celiac’s?  Here’s some gluten-free oats for you to consider trying.  I myself am highly gluten sensitive. My body doesn’t like it at alllllllll – but my taste buds sure do!! 😭☹️😂😲😖😭 and although many foods containing gluten are abbbbsolutely delicious 😍😣🤤(…..So like, basically 95% of all foods out there…..☹️😕😩), I can’t eat it anymore.  Zero.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

I must say that removing gluten from my diet fully has been one of THE most DIFFICULT things I’ve had to do for my health. Like, legitimately: Terrible 😧.  Because removing gluten from my diet is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, not a fad. This process has taken me YEARS to do and to finally succeed at. The journey is real, and definitely challenging everyday.

This is my favorite flavor from this brand.  These oats have 7g of protein & 5g fiber per 1/3 cup (43g).

Anyway, back to the oats…my co-worker Lindsey suggested this brand to me last month (February) because she too is gluten intolerant. I did previously use another brand of oats that claimed to be gluten-free. Turns out that upon that brand’s updated packaging, the oats were suddenly only ‘wheat-free’ (I stopped eating those oats).

I’m pretty happy with Stoked Oats!! 🙌🏽  They taste great (they taste like normal oats, fyi) and they come in 4 flavors. You can use these oats like normal as your cereal, making granola or in your dessert, etc.  Check out these oats, hopefully it helps you on whatever health journey you’re on ☺️.

Remember that health is wealth! 💪🏽🌱🌿.

Food is medicine, and medicine is food! ✌🏽🌿


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