Blog #10: Eczema Blog Part 3: My Story, My Journey


After experiencing so much disappointment with Western medicine not solving my Eczema issues, I decided to go the natural route again.

I remember going to see an herbalist for the first time as a kid.  I remember the drastic food restrictions implemented by the herbalist suddenly high-jacked my life and how miserable I was.  I remember all the kids at school being able to eat whatever they wanted, and I felt like all I could eat was ice cubes and lettuce 😂😂.  Not only was that process disruptive for me, the person having to adhere to the dietary restrictios, but it was miserable for my mom and grandma who’d always cooked traditional meals with ease – and now they were absolutely culinarily clueless to my new dietary requirements.

I also remember my mom telling me stories of ‘bush doctors’ in Trinidad who know all the local medicinal herbs and they helped heal a vast array of people’s health issues with much success just using plants! I thought that was so cool! Nature is awesome and powerful!! 💪🏽🌿🌿

A combination of many factors pushed me to go the holistic route again.  Some of the many things I have tried include: Cleanses, reiki treatments, bio-energy treatments (another energy medicine), eliminative diets and largely over the last 8 years especially, I’ve been refining my daily diet to make it more simple and alkaline. The process has been VERY DIFFICULT, with many triumphs and setbacks! But, I’m just understanding now that that’s part of the process of making a permanent lifestyle shift for the sake of my health, and ultimately my quality of life. The process is ongoing and never ending because there is always room for improvement and we learn new things daily.

These are some of the medical supplies I have for my eczema.

Going the natural, holistic route is one of the best and most impactful decisions I have ever made in my life.  It gave me back the chance to have some sort of quality of life, because when I  I was most sick, my quality of life was zero.

And while I’m not 100% where I want to be with my skin’s health, at least I’m certainly not where I was before, thank God.  Making the shift from pharmaceutical treatments to nature’s treatments for my eczema has taken my eczema from covering approximately 95% of my body, down to approximately 40% of my body on this present day.

I still experience skin pain on a regular basis (daily to many times a week), but at least the pain isn’t head-to-toe as it used to be.

Health truly is your primary wealth. Because without your health you have nothing and can’t do much, if anything at all in your life.

Food is medicine and medicine is food! 🙌🏽 🌿 😀

Peace & Love ✌🏽❤️,


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