Blog #5: Eczema Blog Part 2: My Story, My Journey


By the time I was 4 or 5 years old, I was covered in rashes and scratching myself into a raw painful mess.  I had already started ballet classes by that age and I loved it! ❤️❤️❤️💃💃💃 (I still LOVE ballet by the way to this day as an adult. My favourite ballet is Swan Lake! I’ve seen it 2 or 3 times already, lol 😂 😄. Ballerinas are still some of my favorite types of dancers). All throughout elementary school my eczema was very volatile, along with many sleepless nights and pain.  It was all over the place like a rollercoaster.  Trips to the doctor, dermatologist and hospital emergeny for skin infections increased. For a long time I was covered with eczema from SCALP to TOE. I missed a lot of school because I was so sick. My skin condition was also terrible throughout high school and university.  It was tricky having to coordinate getting all the course materials I missed in classes and playing ‘catch-up’.

Prescription meds are what I used for at least the first 10 years to help treat my skin. Doctors gave me the usual menu of steroid creams and ointments, plus internal antibiotics for infections (only when needed).  As you may know, a person cannot be on eczema meds for long periods of time, usually they’d have to cycle on and off of it.  And yes, I did experience temporary relief and at one point I even thought I was ‘cured’.  WRONG!  When I went off of the meds, not only did my eczema come back, but it came back with a horrid vengeance. That marked the end of my use of pharmaceuticals for my skin.  Like, I literally couldn’t use it on my skin anymore due to the damage it caused.  It took years for my skin to recover from the medications because my skin was simultaneously trying to heal from medications AND still get damaged from scratching.

After my rough experience with pharmaceuticals to treat my eczema, plus the long gap of time (5 to 8 yrs) my skin needed to even start to recover from steroid cream damage, I had to go a different route.  I chose to re-explore natural methods of treatment.  I went back to a herbalist (I first went to a Herbalist as a kid).  And that’s when my natural/holistic health journey began and my life started to look up….

Stay tuned for my Eczema Blog Part 3: Natural Health – The Game Changer!

These are some of the medical supplies I have for my eczema.  Thank God, I haven’t used most of them lately, I’ve only used gauze and medical tape.

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