Blog #3: Chlorophyll, Chlorophyll, Chlorophyll!


Chlorophyll, Chlorophyll, Chlorophyll! 😍  Oh how I adore thee! 😂  I drink chlorophyll and warm water on a regular basis (minimum 5 days a week) and I love it! ✌️❤️  I was originally introduced to Chlorophyll as a kid when I went to go see my very first Herbalist for help with my eczema and allergies. I did not like it at that time at all. 🤢 😔

Approximately 7 years ago, I found another Herbalist & she reintroduced me to Chlorophyll. This time though, I was allllllll over the chlorophyll, like white on rice! I loved it! I haven’t ejected it from my life yet. I probably won’t because it’s one of the best, most simple, and most beneficial health regimen additions I have ever made.

Some of the many health benefits include:
Internal deodorizer and detoxifier, helps to alkalize your body, contains vitamins and minerals, helps remove heavy metals, oral deodorizer and helps maintain oral health, loaded with antioxidants, helps strengthen immune system, anti-inflammatory, beneficial in treating arthritis and fibromyalgia, helps with external wound treatment and healing. (There are other benefits).

1) There are many brands available. I am using the one in the picture above right now.

2) Chlorophyll comes in a concentrate form. It comes in 2 flavors: Mint or Plain (I prefer the plain one)

3) To use it: Put a 1 TBSP in water, or 2 or 3 drops if you buy a dropper bottle (it depends on your preference and the bottle’s instructions too)

4) Buy chlorophyll at any health food store or herbalist office
Give this a try and leave a comment about how it’s working for you!

Happy chlorophyll-ing! ✌️💪 🌱🌳 🌿 😀 🙌

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